Are the officials biased toward KU? One Baylor player thinks so

By Pete Grathoff

Travel back in time 25 years or so and you’d have heard how Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan, the NBA’s all-time best player, always got the calls from the referees.

These days, the same thing is said about Cavaliers star LeBron James. Same goes for teams, right? For instance, many fans of Big 12 teams believe officials are biased toward Kansas.

Could this be a product of success? Jordan and the Bulls won six NBA titles, James has won championships with two difference teams. And the Jayhawks have won 13 straight Big 12 championships.

Nevertheless, at least one Baylor player believes there is preferential treatment for KU.

After the Bears hammered the Jayhawks 80-64 in Waco, Texas, on Saturday, Baylor’s Nuni Omot talked about the importance of having a big lead late in the game. Was that because KU is known for its comebacks? Nah. Omot said down the stretch KU gets favorable calls from the officials.

“It was good to have a lead by 10 over the last three minutes, otherwise, you know, if it was a close lead, you know, they would have just starting to get some calls, just because, you know, that’s Kansas and they get all the calls,” Omot told reporters.

Take a look at this video from Twitter user @kkaut:


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